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Tnasas: a class prediction and gene selection tool

Tnasas is a web tool for building class prediction models (but, as the name says, this is not a substitute for a statistician). We include five class prediction models/algorithms and three gene selection methods/algorithms. We pay particular attention to obtaining honest estimates of the prediction error rate and assessing instability of solutions. For further details see the help.

To use this web tool you need to provide two files, one with the gene expression data and one with the class labels, and press "Submit".

Input files

Expression data file: (?)
Class file: (?)

Class prediction algorithm and gene selection method

Classification algorithmGene selection method
DLDA (?) F ratio (?)
KNN (?) Wilcoxon statistic (?)
Random forest (?) Random forest (?)
SVM (?)
Shrunken centroids (PAM) (?)

Push the "Submit" to start execution.


[Python Powered] [R Project for Statistical Computing]

Tnasas has been developed by Juan M. Vaquerizas, currently at the EBI, and Ramon Diaz-Uriarte, at IIB and UAM.

Asterias, a parallelized, web-based suite for the analysis of genomic data, includes applications for differential gene expression, normalization, survival analysis, aCGH, etc. See further details in the paper in NAR

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